It has been one month since our last update and two years to-the-day since we found out Hillary needed help for #AplasticAnemia. Getting to keep her was the best Mother’s Day gift I’ll ever get.

Two weeks ago, Hillary had a minor nosebleed for the first time in a year. Then, leg pain. We moved her blood test up and the homecare visit was a beautiful experience for which we are grateful. Hillary’s platelets grew to 177, her hemoglobin hovered at 119, and her neutrophils stayed at 1.2. We feel extremely relieved, but not out of the woods. I don’t know how I’d be if her levels dropped. My legs are weak. Yet, we still feel that Hillary is on track to achieve life-long remission with this initial therapy. We have abundant hope, backed by excellent progress.

This Mother’s Day, I share a heartfelt gift with all those struggling with the helpless feeling of wondering if a cure is out there. The materials below have been shared with every school board in Ontario. In just two days, several students have requested a swab kit to join the registry. Next week, we focus on private schools…then Alberta. Next year, post-secondary.

I found another stone and turned it over. Please share this opportunity with the high school students in your lives. Let them decide if they are able or willing to consider this now, or sometime in their future as a citizen of Canada.

We have to start somewhere.